20 LinkedIn Post Ideas To Kickstart Your LinkedIn Journey!

Are you new to LinkedIn? You’re not too sure what to post about?

I have the list for you…😮‍💨

Here are 20 DAYS worth of content ideas for you to kickstart your LinkedIn 👀

  1. Share why you haven’t been posting: Struggling to find content ideas? Find LinkedIn intimidating? Tell your story!
  2. Introduce yourself: who are you, what do you do and why are you on LinkedIn? 🤯
  3. Successes: share a recent achievement, something you’re proud of!
  4. Case studies: share some results you’ve achieved recently.
  5. Campaigns: share a campaign you’ve seen and loved or a campaign you’ve seen and hated!
  6. Trends: jump on the trend or even just talk about the trend 😇
  7. Lessons: share something you’ve learnt.
  8. Events: share your experience at an event or what you learnt from being there.
  9. A mistake: something you could have done better, how, why and what did you do to overcome it?
  10. BTS: what are you currently working on, how you work or even your set up 💻
  11. Feature: is there someone you’re loving at the moment? Shout about them!
  12. Resources: a book or a podcast you’ve enjoyed.
  13. Inspiration: who and what inspires you?
  14. Polls: get the conversation going and use the results for market research.
  15. Memes: create or share a meme! We all secretly love them 🤣
  16. Announcements: shout about your new product or service!
  17. Advice: marketing mistakes, what you wish you knew earlier.
  18. Your life: yes, ‘it’s not Facebook’ BUT personality is key! Your page, your rules 👀
  19. Business changes: hiring someone new? Using a new tool? Share it!
  20. Showcase: are you looking for a job? Launching a new product or service? You are allowed to sell yourself, that’s what we’re all here for 😌

I hope this list will help you to get started and to find me on LinkedIn, click here! I’d love to connect with you all!

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