Are you ready for the responsibility of being self-employed?

Yes, freelancers do have more freedom, but are you ready for the responsibility of being self-employed?

⚡️Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

Becoming a freelancer is like running your own business. You will be finding work, managing projects, and dealing with clients all by yourself.

Are you ready to take in on all that responsibility?

⚡️Do you have a marketable skill?

Similar to applying for a regular job, freelancing also needs a valid skill to turn your experience into money.

Whatever skill you choose to be an expert in, make sure that you can make money with it. Do some research to see if your skill has enough demand in the freelancing market!

⚡️Do you have enough experience?

If you’ve worked at your day job for several years and managed to collect a lot of experience in your field, it will help you greatly to stand out as an expert when it comes to marketing your skills and freelancing services.

Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time getting clients, take some time to earn it and learn everything you can about the skills you already have 📝

⚡️Will I be able to make enough money as a freelancer?

If you’re willing to work hard, you will be able to further your day job’s salary as a freelancer.

But, just to be safe, do a research to find out how much freelancers with your skills are actually making!

⚡️How am I going to find clients?

First, decide whether you’re going to work online, locally or both!

Although, most freelancers find it easier to look for work through freelance platforms such as UpWork and Freelancer. Of course, it’s easier said than done.
These freelance platforms consist of millions of freelancers who offer their services at cheap prices. You shouldn’t lower your expertise and services to their level.
⚡️Do you know how to handle clients?

Communicate is key to winning clients, understanding their needs, delivering quality work, and establishing long-term relationships. Without this one skill, you will have a hard time landing jobs online!

Do you think you’re ready to freelance? 🤩👀

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