UGC Portfolio Template


This UGC Portfolio Template contains everything you need to create a great client experience and professional look.

Save yourself time, money, and stress with the EC Media Management UGC Pitch Template—a modern, minimalist solution tailored for potential UGC clients. In a world where efficiency and impact matter most, our template is designed to streamline your pitch process, allowing you to present your ideas with clarity and sophistication.

This UGC Portfolio template contains the following pages:

  • Detailed Slides for your UGC
  • Example Work Sections (Stills and Video)
  • Social Media Statistics Slides

All of the pages are currently in my own branding but can be fully customised through colour, fonts and images to fit your personal brand and style.

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  • Experienced UGC Creators looking to create a professional experience, impress clients and charge more
  • New UGC Creators who want to look like a pro

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Please note that these templates do not give information on how to provide UGC services, they are design-led templates containing prompts for social media managers to add information to provide a cohesive and streamlined result.

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For a UGC by myself, enquire here!

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UGC Portfolio Template


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