How to Successfully Launch a Product or Service

7 steps you NEED to take before launching a product or service…🌟

► Define Your Target Audience

This is critical because the language, channels and information you use to communicate need to be effective. Clearly defining your target audience gives you direction in your marketing, facilitates more consistency and allows you to authentically connect with your customers.

► Know The Problem You’re Solving

Having a deep understanding of the challenge you’re solving and who it is for is crucial. Always stay focused on your “who” and “why.” Test it with your personas, talk to your audience about it, and launch when you know your product or service is something that will fulfil a need.

► Understand The Buying Journey

The buying process forms the foundation of all marketing and sales activities. You need to have an understanding of the buyer’s pain points, where they get their information and who influences the purchase.

► Validate Your Product

If people won’t buy the product or service based on a pitch, they probably won’t buy the product or service when it exists. An easy way to do this is to see the interaction you get when teasing the product or service online before launch.

► Know Your Competition & Be Different

Look to what makes you different. Figure out your brand differences, understand the specifics of the marketplace where you hold that advantage and focus on those.

► Form a Strategic Plan

Every brand should go through a strategic planning process before launching any product or service. This includes multiple things such as evaluation of the marketplace/competition, SWOT, determining ROI, how to measure success and communications planning.

► Stick to Your Brand Guidelines

Don’t enter the market without knowing who you are and how you want to interact with the world. Consistency is key for a brand, so you want to set up effectively when it comes to broadcasting messages on behalf of the brand.

Do you think you’re ready to launch now? 💸

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