Common Start-Up Business Mistakes you Need to Avoid

If you’re like many new entrepreneurs, you’ll be fired up about your business idea and eager to launch your company!

BUT, you have to be prepared…

Avoid these common business mistakes! 


► Not Having a Business Plan

Do not make the mistake of not having a plan. It doesn’t need to be long or even detailed, but taking the time to chart a business plan will help keep your efforts consistent, create milestones to measure your progress and most importantly keep you on track.


► Failing To Monitor Progress and Adjusting

How will you and your team know when a project is going well or when it’s going wrong?

Successful project management should efficiently track changes to keep everyone on your team accountable. Project tracking is more than just establishing checkpoints, it’s creating a system to monitor completion, reporting truthfully on success and if any problems were encountered.

THEN adjusting accordingly! 


► Avoiding Help

Many new businesses are reluctant to admit they need help! I was one of them Don’t be shy about getting a mentor, outsourcing or asking a friend to give you support and ideas!


► Setting The Wrong Price

Don’t make the mistake of setting your prices based solely on your competition. It’s important to research your costs in detail and then deciding what to charge. Also, remember to monitor costs as you go to make any needed adjustments! 


► Failing To Learn

As you start your business, learn from your initial mistakes and use them to guide your success! 

In the wise words of a lovely friend of mine – ‘You either win or you learn’


Have you made any of these mistakes? Do you want a hand to make sure you avoid them? Get in touch using the button below!

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