How To Make The Most Out of a Coaching Session

A coach can help you achieve your goals and reach the next level. That “next level” varies from person to person. It may be more effective client outreach, how to set yourself up as a new freelancer, where to go next… Everyone is unique, and the possibilities are as endless.

No matter what the area of focus is in coaching, it is crucial that you know how to make the most out of your coaching experience!

Before I begin my coaching calls, I always send my clients a coaching questionnaire, to ensure I can provide them with value and to ensure we are both prepared for the session.

Here are a couple of ways that you can make the most out of a coaching session –

  1. Identify your goals and area of focus.

The most important thing is to have a focus area and set goals to work toward with your coach. You want to come into each coaching session prepared for meaningful conversation.

Although there may be a number of items you want to work through, keep in mind the importance of coming to each session with an area of focus and intention.

Get specific on what it is that you want to work on.

  1. Track your thoughts

I highly recommend keeping some sort of journal to take notes on what is happening between coaching sessions. This will not only help you self-reflect but bring real-life situations into the session.

Sharing specific situations takes the discussion to deeper levels. Review your notes before the coaching session to help you focus. When you have specific details to share with your coach, your coach can ask more meaningful questions to get to the root of the problem.

  1. Be open

In a coaching relationship, it is critical to be open and honest with your coach.

Your coach should ask you thought-provoking, inspiring, challenging, supportive and powerful questions to help you identify the root of the problem, other possibilities and/or what is next.

When you provide honest and transparent answers, you will gain more meaningful results.

If your coach has spent time peeling back layers to get to what is “real,” the coaching process will often take longer and may not be as effective. It is helpful to prepare yourself to be vulnerable with your coach.

  1. Be prepared to be challenged

Your coach should ask you questions to help challenge your thinking and help you see other possibilities.

As you work on achieving your goals with your coach, you will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone. However, you should remember that your coach is there to support, encourage, challenge you and, ultimately, create a space of accountability for what you have identified as your goals.

  1. Expect change

To accomplish your goals, there is going to be a change in your behaviour and mindset. This takes intentional effort. Your coach should be there to support you through this process.

There are several things a coach can do too to help you to get the most out of your session, like creating a safe environment for you to be open and vulnerable, listen without judgment, ask meaningful and thought-provoking questions, ensure next steps are in place and much more.

In summary, remember to get the most out of your coaching investment by being prepared and focused.

It will help you use your time with your coach more efficiently and effectively. Coaching works best when you are fully invested in the session.

You don’t want to waste your time or finances with coaching, but use it as a time to set and achieve goals, create self-awareness, critically think, gain new perspectives, be supported, challenged, inspired, encouraged and ready to change and reach new levels.

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