20 LinkedIn Post Ideas To Kickstart Your LinkedIn Journey!

Are you new to LinkedIn? You’re not too sure what to post about?

I have the list for you…😮‍💨

Here are 20 DAYS worth of content ideas for you to kickstart your LinkedIn 👀

  1. Share why you haven’t been posting: Struggling to find content ideas? Find LinkedIn intimidating? Tell your story!
  2. Introduce yourself: Who are you, what do you do and why are you on LinkedIn? 🤯
  3. Successes: Share a recent achievement, something you’re proud of!
  4. Case studies: Share some results you’ve achieved recently.
  5. Campaigns: Share a campaign you’ve seen and loved or a campaign you’ve seen and hated!
  6. Trends: Jump on the trend or even just talk about the trend and why you aren’t participating 😇
  7. Lessons: Share something you’ve learnt.
  8. Events: Share your experience at an event or what you learnt from being there.
  9. A mistake: Something you could have done better, how, why and what did you do to overcome it?
  10. BTS: What are you currently working on, how you work or even your set up 💻
  11. Feature: Is there someone you’re loving at the moment? Shout about them!
  12. Resources: A book or a podcast you’ve enjoyed.
  13. Inspiration: Who and what inspires you?
  14. Polls: Get the conversation going and use the results for market research.
  15. Memes: Create or share a meme! We all secretly love them 🤣
  16. Announcements: Shout about your new product or service!
  17. Advice: Marketing mistakes, what you wish you knew earlier.
  18. Your life: Yes, ‘it’s not Facebook’ BUT personality is key! Your page, your rules 👀
  19. Business changes: Hiring someone new? Using a new tool? Share it!
  20. Showcase: Are you looking for a job? Launching a new product or service? You are allowed to sell yourself, that’s what we’re all here for 😌

I hope this list will help you to get started and to find me on LinkedIn, click here! I’d love to connect with you all!

If you need further help, click here. I have coaching sessions available so you can smash your Personal Branding!

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