1 Hour LinkedIn Coaching Session


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Building my personal LinkedIn account from 0 to 16k has been an experience, to say the least, and it came with valuable lessons and meaningful connections.

Now, I’m excited to share the insights I have gained along the way, offering you the tools to achieve similar success on this dynamic platform. LinkedIn is a thriving space where strategic growth can unlock doors to opportunities and connections that can significantly impact your professional trajectory.

Having collaborated with a diverse range of clients, I have faced my fair share of challenges, but the good thing is, I’ve faced them now so I can help you before you have to!

Let’s work together to turn these challenges into stepping stones for growth and make your LinkedIn profile a powerful tool that opens doors to new possibilities.

Within your session, I will help you up your LinkedIn game!

In our LinkedIn Coaching Session, we will:

  • Set your aims and objectives and build a plan to achieve them
  • Explore your services
  • Tackle any hurdles you are currently facing

Following the LinkedIn Coaching Session, you’ll receive:

  • A personalised action plan to achieving your goals
  • Tracking documents to suit your needs
  • A whole lot more confidence in your LinkedIn abilities!


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1 Hour LinkedIn Coaching Session


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